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NBN Fibre Point to Point

The National Broadband Network is a high performance network, allowing for super-fast connectivity speeds between customers and Internet Service Providers.

NBN Point to Point is a service where a port at one location is linked directly to a port at another location within the same NBN Point of Interconnect (POI).

This service does not provide an IP address or internet connectivity and does not require a router for the service to work.

This service is ideal for organisations that have more than one location and require connectivity with a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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Requirements & Availability:
  • The NBN Fibre Point to Point service is only available within an NBN Fibre service area. Unless your premises is already connected, you will need to be connected to the NBN Fibre Network.
  • Standard installations are free of charge to you. Non-standard installations may require you to pay charges.
  • NBN availability depends on the NBN Co's rollout plan. To check if you can get connected in your area, use the online coverage checker.

Setup MethodCost
New Connection$55


Node1 NBN Fibre Point to Point Enterprise Service - Critical Information Summary (.pdf)

Node1 NBN Fibre Point to Point Enterprise Service - Application Form (.pdf)