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Fixed Wireless Business Internet Plans

Node1 Internet's Fixed Wireless network is a high performance network servicing the areas of Geraldton and Perth, Western Australia. It covers all areas of Geraldton, with extensions to areas up to 100km from the Geraldton CBD (including the Abrolhos islands). The Perth network currently covers most areas north of the river and some areas in the hills. View the Perth Coverage Map.

Here at Node1, we pride ourselves on maintaining a wireless network capable of minimising congestion during peak periods.

Our Fixed Wireless service does not require a telephone line to operate, making it an ideal solution for premises that struggle to receive an Internet service through traditional means such as ADSL. Each connection requires a site survey prior to installation. This is done at no charge to you, and helps to ensure quality of service for all our customers.

Select your Speed:
From standard speeds to fast speeds (Mbps Down / Mbps Up)
Select your Quota:
From standard users to enthusiasts (GB On-Peak + GB Off-Peak)
Download Application Form (.pdf)

* You may get up to the specified speed, but it depends on the quality of your connection.

On-Peak: 8:00 AM to Midnight
Off-Peak: Midnight to 8:00 AM

Requirements & Availability
  • Availability depends on line of sight to Node1 Internet’s transmitter towers. Once a site survey is complete you will be advised whether or not you can get connected. View the Perth Coverage Map.
  • Internet speeds may be affected by:
    • Loss of line of sight to transmitter tower.
    • Internet connectivity to your premises.
    • Wireless interference within and/or around your premises (if you are connecting wirelessly via a wireless router).
    • Limitations of network devices, mobile devices, consoles, computers, cables and other devices that you use.
    • The available bandwidth of the service you are using (e.g. peer-to-peer games, websites & download sources).
    • Other users on your Internet connection.

Quota Information:
  • Data allowances are based on On-Peak + Off-Peak times. On-Peak: 8:00am to midnight and Off-Peak: midnight to 8:00am.
  • There are no automatic excess usage charges on the Fixed Wireless services – instead, traffic beyond the included data allowance will be shaped to 1mbps/1mbps.
  • Quota is counted as the total of download.
  • Uploads are unmetered.
  • Usage is reset to the data allowance on the first day of each month.
  • You may purchase data packs at an additional cost for a data allowance top up, if required.

Additional Information:
  • Business plans have a static IP address and high priority support.
  • Node1 will provide you with up to 5 free email addresses.
  • Business plans come with free Cisco IronPort spam filtering.
  • There are no cancellation fees for the Fixed Wireless service.

Installation FeesCost
Standard Installation$250 plus $110/hr after first two hours
Installation requiring a pole$500 plus $110/hr after first two hours
2 Storey installation with cabling to top floor$250 plus $110/hr after first two hours
2 Storey installation with pole and cabling to top floor$500 plus $110/hr after first two hours
2 Storey installation with cabling to ground floor$500 plus $110/hr after first two hours
2 Storey installation with pole and cabling to ground floor$500 plus $110/hr after first two hours

Antenna OptionsCost
Standard Antenna - No payment plan$300
Standard Antenna - 3 month payment plan$110 per month
Standard Antenna - 12 month payment plan$30 per month
High Performance Antenna - No payment plan$600
High Performance Antenna - 3 month payment plan$220 per month
High Performance Antenna - 12 month payment plan$60 per month

Optional EquipmentCost
Wireless Router$149