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Set the scene - regional WA, Geraldton to be precise, 2009. A couple of local tech enthusiasts decided to shake up the world of Internet Service Providers and utilise available technology to get faster speeds for customers. And so, Node1 Internet was born. The business remains locally owned and operated, and those tech enthusiasts from Geraldton now employ a whole team of experts to connect customers from the Midwest region to Perth!

Being a local Internet service provider means not only are we at the forefront of the industry in Australia, but we also maintain exceptional levels of customer service and provide highly competitive Internet packages. Offering a full range of solutions such as Fixed Wireless, NBN and Seacrest Fibre, Node1 can cater to residential, business and corporate users. So choose us - we want the best for our customers!

We can provide faster speeds

We often experience disbelief when we tell customers the speeds we can obtain for their home or business. But please believe us! Using our very own N1 Network, you could be looking at up to 100mbps for Fixed Wireless.

Why you should make the big switch

We know the Internet. We live it and we love it. We know how it works and understand how to make it better for our customers. We're a business founded by a generation born and raised on the Internet and we know how to squeeze everything we can out of it! Our belief is that if you're happy with what we do, you'll stay with us. That's why we don't insist on lock-in contracts. It just doesn't make sense to us. What we do insist on is quality service and maintaining our devotion to getting the best for our customers. From families browsing the web and catching up on Netflix to businesses needing large quotas - we know we have a solution to suit.

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A few kind words...

We finally got on the network! Everyone we dealt with from start to finish was terrific.
The service is every bit as good as indicated, and the customer service is terrific. Cheers guys!

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Got a question?

Here at Node1, our staff have a background in Internet service technologies, not sales. We’ll happily run through what’s the right solution for you with no pushy service.